Basegenic was founded to make a positive contribution to the future of our global power networks. There will be no one, single solution to the revolutionary change required to decarbonise the electricity grid, but with expertise in embedded systems design, sensor networks, data telemetry and power electronics, Basegenic is equipped to stand out.

We are actively seeking collaborative opportunities with other companies working or looking to work in this area. Whether bringing new technologies to the market or attempting to integrate or migrate existing solutions.

Embedded System Design

  • Efficient Real-Time Application Design
  • High-reliability code for remote/harsh environments
  • Data-telemetry/systems integration
  • Propriety electronics hardware design and integration with device driver development
  • Control systems design including real-time control loop design for power electronics hardware

Electronics Hardware Design

  • Specialised power-systems integration
  • Power converter system design including inverters/rectifiers/DC-DC converters
  • Power-line filter design
  • PCB Design

Application Programming

  • Windows application development
  • Development/Engineer/Operator Tools
  • Hardware interfacing for control, data-capture and configuration
  • Data-logging and charting
  • SCADA / Website Integration